• Lost in Translation?

    In a rapidly globalizing world filled with international contacts and a dynamic global business network, it is of uttermost importance that we don’t misunderstand each other, and that important texts are not "lost in translation", so that that important texts, contracts, and other documents disappear or are misinterpreted. This can be costly to all parties, so having access to qualified translators is crucial for every company dealing with foreign languages.

    Since China is the main focus of (a) Little Mandarin's business, we are able to offer translation to and from Mandarin as one of our services. At present we can offer translation of English, German, French and Spanish to and from Mandarin, but more languages will be added to this list in the near future.

    For our translation service, we at (a) Little Mandarin collaborate with a Chinese translation agency called Miracle Ocean Translation Services Center, which is based in China. All their translators are authorized and can in principle translate any documents or websites in the languages specified above. There is no task that is too big or too small for us to take on! And in addition, we also have very competitive prices compared to other translation agencies.

    Don’t risk your company’s reputation by relying on machine translations done by Google Translate etc., much better then to let people with a real understanding of the target language and its cultural context do the job for you. This will guarantee that you won’t be “lost in translation”.

  • How does it work?

    The first step for getting your text translated is that you contact us at (a) Little Mandarin so that we can review your text and together with our partners a the Chinese translation center carefully look at the source language, its subject, level of difficulty, length, and file format of the text. Based on these factors we will estimate how long the translation process will take. Within just one day you will receive a price suggestion and an estimated deadline. If you then agree with our terms and conditions, we at (a) Little Mandarin will send you a business agreement where the price and terms are stipulated. As soon as this is signed, our partners at Miracle Ocean Translation Services Center will commence the translation process, and you will receive the translated document(s) before the deadline that’s been agreed on.

    At normal working days, our translators can start a translation assignment immediately or at the latest to 24 hours after having received the customer’s text. After the translation has been delivered to our client, he/she will receive an invoice which is to be paid within a maximum of 10 days from the date it was issued.

    We do realize that translations can sometimes be rather ambiguous, which could be open to many different interpretations. Thus, if you would have any objections or want to make any necessary changes to the text you have received, we are always open to discussion. As accuracy is our hallmark and permeates all of our activities, we can guarantee the quality of the translations by the fact that two translators with expertise in the same language always cooperate with the translation of the same text. This means that someone will always review his colleague's text after it is has been completed. Thus, you do not need to spend extra money on the use of your own proofreader, although of course it is always a good to ide have several people review the same text. However, would you in spite of this rigorous process, like to make some language-related changes or clarifications in the text, we will do this for no additional cost. We will not give up you until you are 100% satisfied with your translation!

  • Our Translators

    All of our professional Chinese translators have university degrees and are certified translators with majors in either English, German, French or Spanish, which they can translate to and from Mandarin. Many of them have also lived, studied and/or worked in countries where the languages they are translating to and from are spoken. They have also specialized in various areas such as medicine, engineering, chemical industry, finance and business with a focus on contract writing, just to name a few. This means that they are trained in the specific terminology of these areas, which of course is an immense advantage when it comes to translation.

    The main advantage, however, of using our translators’ services is the fact that they are all native Mandarin speakers and thus have a profound knowledge of Chinese culture and society.

    Our translators can translate approximately 2000 words a day, which is a very high daily capacity. They are also adept at proofreading, and all texts will be subjected to a careful language review by our skilled translators.

    The translators are working for our translation agency partner Miracle Ocean Translation Services, located in China, and hence work with translations on a daily basis.

Pricing and Discounts

The translation price is calculated per translated word, i.e. source words, and usually it’s 1, 25 Swedish Crowns (0, 15 USD) per word, which is a very competitive price compared to other translation agencies.

However, the price will be slightly more expensive, 1, 50 Swedish Crowns, (0, 17 USD) under the following conditions:

  • If Mandarin is the source language and the text will be translated to the following target languages: English, German, French or Spanish
  • When translating advertising logos and brands
  • If the document does not permit copying of the text (for example, a PDF document with scanned image or “locked” text)

When the text translated is deemed short (less than 300 source words), a starting price is added in addition to the normal price per word. The starting price is 80 Swedish Crowns (9, 31 USD).


If the customer provides a translation tool (translation memory) for paragraphs that are repeated, these words or paragraphs will be discounted. We can provide discounts for both repeated sentences/words and similarities (75-99% matching).

Payment in percentage:

  • New words 100%
  • Repeated words 30%
  • Similar words 60%

Please note that this discount applies only if a glossary is provided by you as a customer!

Please contact us at translation@littlemandarin.se for more information!

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